Lenticular Marketing: Applications for changing products and brands

Lenticular Marketing: Applications for changing products and brands

One of the lenticular applications most commonly used in the pharmaceutical is the Changing images.

The Changing images allows to display very interesting concepts and, especially, it has been applied to advertising campaigns and promotion material of brand changing, changes of corporative image and packaging, developments in the product, dosage changes or changes in nomenclature of the pharmaceutical products themselves.

Despite the spectaculararity of other lenticular effects, changing images send to the recipient of the Ad Campaign a very specific message based on a concept or an advertising idea that is often very creative.

3D Lenticular Factory has produced such campaigns for the industry clients. Campaigns are targed, mostly, to medical professionals and sometimes to the end user or consumer.

Here are some examples that illustrate the title of this post, to corroborate the effectiveness of lenticular effects for promotion and advertising campaigns.


In this case the marketing agency wanted to convey the rebranding of a product of one of its clients in which the content and form was mantained, but changed the product name. The image chosen was the Fortimel pot that, by a movement, was changed into a new image appeared as a zipper opening.

In this case the custemer exposed the campaign with two lenticular products, the Mousemat and the notebook, both with the same creativity in different compositions.


For this occasion, the custumer chose a very direct message, a name changing which shows that the essence of the brand is the same but with different names.

 The Changing Images Gelocatil to Dolocatil was framed within an information campaign on pharmaceutical products generic.


Invirase campaign announced the advantage about a dose reduction of the medicine used in one of the deseases that more pharmaceuticals products are required, AIDS.

Actually, the applications for this type of advertising campaigns depend only on the creativity and the design of the graph. Furthermore, these campaigns have always been very effective to convey messages about pharmaceutical products.



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