Restaurant Decoration at London

Restaurant Decoration at London

This project is really distinctive. It is the decoration of walls and cabinets at a Restaurant located in London with lenticular panels.

Each area is decorated with lenticular pieces measuring 55x55 cm. A total of 391 different lenticular panels! Each panel shows a flip effect allowing the customer to see different images while as a mural. Between panels a 1 cm space was allowed covered with silver material to give a special touch.

The goal was to make the various dining areas with colors and images of the food offered such features.
The Restaurant was organized with the following food areas: China, Morocco, Sandwiches, Chicken, Juices, Oyster, Coffee and Kebab. The lenticular panels were the touch of color of the local because the rest enjoyed a minimalist structure and decoration based on white color.

Two decorative murals with lenticular panels were also mounted in the common area of the Restaurant. One of them pretended a Chinese dragon with successive changes to this country related images. Really a spectacular effect that left no one indifferent was achieved.