Stands decoration

Stands decoration

The decoration with lenticular panels gives a striking touch that makes it stand out over other conventional decorations at a fair or pavilion stands.

Using a good creativity you can take advantage of lenticular effects to make animation, three-dimensional effect or image changes, among other possible effects. The audience that pass near his stand react interactively with lenticular decoration and will stop to look at the effect of the panels and thus look at your brand and the rest of the decoration of the stand. They can be decorated ceiling, stairs, walls, columns
, cabinets, in fact, any element can incorporate a lenticular part .

Due to the plastic used to produce lenticular printing it is possible to use them several times so it is quite attractive that these panels are reusable because most elements used in a stand usually have a purely temporary duration.

Any creativity can be adapted to the lenticular effects and the result will never go unnoticed.