3D Anaglif Technology. So real that you can almost touch it

3D Anaglif Technology. So real that you can almost touch it

The anaglyph is an effect that when it is applied to an image creates a 3D feeling. To perceive properly  the effect it is necessary to use anaglif lenses.

This technique is based on the phenomenon of binocular synthesis that separates the images in two overlapping layers bicolor but moved slightly to create a sense of depth or 3D.

Each image corresponds to one of the two eyes. Red for the left and blue (cyan) to the right. The eye in the red side sees the red parts as white and the blue parts as dark ones. The eye in the blue side perceives the opposite effect. The rest of the image is seen by both eyes equally. The brain fuses the two images and creates the illusion of depth.

Since the premiere of 'Avatar', which rescued and improved the anaglif effect, this mainstream effect, typical of the 60s, 70s and 80s, has caught the attention of many companies that have made really creative ads with it.

Proof of this is the advertising of AXE in Latin America where, by this technique, two different stories are told. As you look from one eye or the other, you will see a story or another. Simply brilliant.

Gillette also used this technique to launch its new 3D range. The best effect to do it, isn't it? The General Manager of Gillette in Latin America, Tomás Varela said that "with this initiative we want to provide technology to continue to position ourselves as a leading brand", adding, "With the use of this tool we will achieve the 100% of the viewer's attention, unlike the 40% that is achieved with a conventional communication".

3D Crest, an American dental bleach, used this technique to launch a new range. In the ad you can see a girl in a position to give / receive a kiss. With the right lenses you can see the girl in 3D and, if you dare, kissing her. Why not?

In 3D Lenticular Factory images we produce both Anaglif like glasses to view them properly. With this technique we have created so gimmicky campaigned for important companies such as Paco Rabanne, for their new fragrance Lady Million.

This effect, well executed, brings a modern and technological image to the company that applies it.  Dare to make your next campaign anaglif 3D and reach your target audience in an original and efficient way.



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