Corporate Identity. How do you build a brand?

Corporate Identity. How do you build a brand?

The corporate image is the first marketing tool of every business. Its main function is to serve as an identifier. Identifier in many aspects.

Its shape, color and composition is going to identify the company with its sector, with its customers, its employees, its mission, goals and philosophy. As well as it should serve as a stand out from the competitors.

To get a proper identification you must get a good differentiation, especially in the globalized world in which we live, where we coexist with many companies like ours dedicated to the same industry and that it's focused to the same target than us.

All these concepts must be transmitted by a conceptual and iconic image that will remain in our eyes for a few seconds. Therefore, one of the key features of any corporate image is the pregnance. This is the ability to identify and recall of an image. Achieving such cogency, that ability of our brand image to get noticed and stay anchored in our brain, has a lot to do with its colors and shapes, but also with its ability to adapt to a multitude of formats, sizes and supports, being distinguished by any observer in any of each.

For example, a brand image that can break up and reunite, allowing to play with shapes and volumes, will be ideal for using it on move, either viral video formats, such as lenticular campaigns. Effects like the 3D or volumetric 3D lenticular printing let us to be able to generate the impact that a brand needs to stay.

So the process of designing, creating and developing a corporate image is a very complex process.

It begins with a brainstorming of the concepts that have to be transmitted. After this process, the concepts of great importance to the company are chosen and begins the work of developing the ideas and articulating the lines of action.

After the development of the concept, we have to start the design work. This is where colors, shades and shapes are chosen to convey all the above concepts. In the design and compositional processes is vital to know the audience we're heading to, what is called target. We need to know their age, sex, geographical area and, mainly, their culture.

This is important because according to the culture, colors and shapes mean different things. An example is the meaning of the white color in East and West. The first means mourning, in our culture it means the opposite. Thus, the shape and direction in which people read in the different parts of the world also affects the visual message that is released with the corporate image.

All elements have to be related with great consistency, so that the message we want to deliver is reinforced by all elements and reach our target in an unambiguous manner.

The corporate image is an important element in building the reputation of a company.

Consumers, when choosing between similar products, always opt for those who have a more attractive, more original, more emotional picture.

To learn more about creating your corporate image and applications of it, do not hesitate to consult us.



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