Decoration with Lenticular Panels

Decoration with Lenticular Panels

The interior decoration expresses its scope in many different applications. We may be talking about a store décor, to the decor of a museum, a restaurant or a stand.

When you are planning to decorate an space, one of the most important objectives
is to create different, attractive and impressive spaces for the buyer. Think of as many different decoration styles with well-known brands may even attract shop trends.

Differentiation in decoration is in the details and the lenticular panels offering decorating walls, ceilings, floors, etc. Imagine a wall with 3d, moving effect on a floor or different panels and decorative elements showing differents flips .

No doubt the buyer will be impacted by the outcome store and get the longed exercise "word of mouth " that makes the busiest of the most special places .

The decoration is a
must to consider the concept of point of sale and do not forget that an establishment is the quintessential point of sale item.

We have worked with different projects which have certainly generated surprise our customers . The idea always has thrived based on a creative and striking design and the result has never gone unnoticed. And, of course, the quality of the lenticular panels and experience in assembling them, have made a thousand delights in each of the works we have done.

The lenticular panels for this application can work in various measures, by unit or decorative panels can be formed with multiple units. The illustrations in this post you can see different finishes for interior decoration and even the evolution of the work as they were finishing facilities.

The material used for these cases is 3 mm thick, if the lenticular material is thinner simply effects and finishing work will be below the quality expected by the customer. Certainly, it is vital to use the right lenticular material to ensure durability and finish of these decorative elements.

We hope this explanation gives you some ideas for designing projects completely innovative for interior decoration . ;)



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