Lenticular Panels in commercial areas: The successful project executed for Festina Group

Lenticular Panels in commercial areas: The successful project executed for Festina Group

Today, we would like to talk about a new interior decoration project, executed  with 3D lenticular technology that we have carried out on behalf of the Festina Group and their new shop in the Nevada Shopping Centre in Granada.

This shopping centre recently opened its doors to the public. Situated in an excellent location in the city, its opening was highly awaited by residents of Granada and it has enjoyed a warm reception, with the whole event becoming something of a story. It is five times bigger than the los Cármenes stadium and has more than 240 premises, meaning that it has become a benchmark for Andalusian shopping centres.

The most important companies and brands on the market are represented here, meaning that the commercial potential is guaranteed. Mingling, we could say, among these leading brands is one more shop, Festina.

We have carried out an indoors decoration project on behalf of this prestigious watch company, with lenticular panels in their new shop. One of the project’s main aims was to create a different space, attractive, and striking for the consumer, along with an unforgettable visual experience for visitors in general.

How did we do it? The project is based around the creation of 26 lenticular panels divided among the two shop windows, its main entrance, and the side section. The shop windows display watch gears with a 3D effect superimposedSome of the gears appear to move, creating a final result of depth perspective.

The main entrance to the shop displays five lenticular panels with a 3D effectintegrated with the furnishing in the shop window. The panels have been attached to the lower area of the glass display, allowing the 3D effect to be seen when entering the shop. The 3D effect combines with certain elements which appear to move.

The side windows of the shop are wholly covered with an incredible mural comprising 21 lenticular panels with a 3D effect, as well as some rotating elements. The structure has been assembled with a width of seven panels and a height of three panels. The mural was carefully executed to match the various gears that occupy more than one lenticular panel. Furthermore, it was necessary to cut part of the panels in order to integrate the glass display cases, allowing them to be fully integrated in the mural.

The video shows the seamless details of the finishes.

In order to execute the project’s Final Artwork, files provided by the Festina Group were used to generate the meshing of watch gears that overlay each other.

3D realism, beauty, originality... all combined. The final result is, without of doubt, an absolute success and a powerful advertising to draw in clients.



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