Moving images, here and now

Moving images, here and now

The data are overwhelming. In Instagram, 60 million images a day are shared. In Facebook are 350 million daily. If we focus on a single minute data: In Snapchat, 104,000. Flickr are 20 million photos. In Instagram, 3,600. In Tumblr, 20,000. In addition to these we can highlight the instantaneity of the processes. We need to share our pictures with our contacts and we need to do it here and now.

The image does not understand linguistic, cultural or geographical barriers. Reaches all with great force and with an almost unambiguous.

But today we will go one step further in terms of the image is concerned. Increasingly we share a type of images that are halfway between image and video. They are animated images. The've seen in different social networks like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. They are like a short video loop or a lenticular image. ;)

In the market there are many mobile applications to create these fantastic images, but today we are going to talk you about the most important and recommended of them:

  • Moju:

Available for iOS and Windows operating systems. It is an intuitive application that creates moving images of high quality. With them you can create an animated GIF, created from 24 individual shots made the camera on your phone. With them you can get a moving image, an image with depth or both.

The images work as if they were lenticular images, so you should move the viewing angle for every shot. Users to visualize your image should move their hand as if it were a lenticular image too, in order to see this effect. How about this application? For us it is the most realistic one on market by far.

Here's a sample of what you can do:


We have written about this app in previous post some time ago. It is available for iOS, to create animated images. You can also create short videos for those social networks that do not allow GIF formats.

Its features includes a collection of filters, speed controls and loops.

In the following video you can watch how the application works:

  • Fotodanz:

This application is only available for Android operating systems. Like the previous app mentioned, it can create animated images or short videos of 3 to 5 seconds duration.

It has a very interesting option to capture the movement of only one part of the picture, leaving the remaining static. This could be the prominent feature of this application. It also has different filters and it is free.

This video shows how the application works:

For us these three are the best 3D photo apps in the market today. Do you know any others? If so, let us know and tell us about your favorite app for your animated GIF.

If you want your images break through the screen and materialize them in our world, do not miss the entrance of next week!

See you soon!



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