The Lenticular Dress

The Lenticular Dress

In the previous post we talked about the lenticular printed clothing fabric. Today we give a twist to the issue and show you a project that has had great impact on the Net. This is 'The Dress Lenticular' by Antoine Peters.

In this project, the 33 years old Dutch fashion designer, manufactures a dress that uses lenticular technique but is he himself who builds the lenticular network by the combination and assembly of various tissues with a very meticulous and careful technique.

The model changes depending on the angle of view of the observer changes. With this model the filmmaker Oscar Verpoort made a video where you can see how the points are transformed into stripes with an exquisite combination of the two antagonists par excellence, white and black, curved and straight. An audiovisual work on this original design that is raging on networks.

This project was created for the MOTI (Museum of Image). Peters tried to give life and movement to a 2D material as is the tissue. For this, he deeply investigated the world of lenticular printing and to develop this dress he had to create multiple patterns.

Peters argues that in this project the dress fits your carrier and emotions, revealing its kind and full of light side (white side) or, conversely, it can hide and show your cooler side (black side). Similarly he thinks that the wearer of the garment influences with her environment in a positive way, surprising observers with which it is located. Again creates a duality in its objective is to influence the wearer of the garment and the viewer sees, interior-exterior.

The designer is still researching and working on a new project on the same line. With which will he surprise us this time?
While we wait, do not miss this video where the author shows us how he made his project. Enjoy it!

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