Urban Stories: Everyday Offline Marketing

Urban Stories: Everyday Offline Marketing

Nothing could be further from the truth. Since we woke up, completely unaware, we are  bombarded by endless advertising messages. How? Where?

Let us briefly review an usual morning for any of us:

  • 7:00 am. You get up and turn off your alarm or your mobile.

  • 7:05. You get dressed.

  • 7:15. You prepare breakfast.

  • 7.45. You go to the bathroom, you comb your hair, clean your teeth, take a shower...

This is a simple example of how offline advertising is present in our lives practically since we opened our eyes.

In every town we are continually receiving advertising messages through what is called 'street furniture'. It is part of the environment of any city and it is usually located in places of great affluence and interest. As well as they are focused to the passersby, pedestrians and drivers, they can target a niche audience or close to our business.

These are the types of urban elements where we can see / insert advertising:

- Billboards:

Billboards are the most common among all large-format media. They are easy to install and are located in areas of general interest. Due to its size and location reach thousands of people in just one day.

- Marquees and canopies:

They are usually found at the edge of the sidewalk so they are visible to pedestrians and drivers. They usually incorporate to bus shelters. They are printed on large sheets and they are aimed at a public who is 'wainting for' which allows you to insert more detailed and elaborate data than other media.

The trend is to incorporate dynamic elements that allows the user to interact with the advertising such as the ones that we have mentioned in previous posts.

Also found on commercial, subway or train and airports.

- Totems and Magnums:

Similar to above but larger. They are usually round or flat but high and are isolated from other elements. Normally placed in squares.

- Signs, Clocks and urban thermometers:

Because of its usefulness for the traveler is a very effective form as it is seen by many pedestrians and drivers throughout the day.

- Banners:

They are typically used to highlight local events such as plays, concerts, exhibitions, festivals, etc.. Incorporate a minimum structure to streetlights making them easy to remove and replace.

- Telephone and paper Cabins:

They are affordable and well-located. Although it is common to see large companies or national campaigns announcing format "circuit" are also particularly indicated to locate nearby businesses.

- Buses, taxis and company cars:

Called mobile advertising. It is ideal to present any campaign, event, or local business. It is often of great impact and is one that affects a large number of people.

Endless advertising messages pass by through our eyes every day. Competition for the memory is as fierce as in the online world. Everyone wants to be seen and everyone wants to sell.
Hence the importance of designing striking and original ads, campaigns that reach the potential consumer to especially remember us.
It is important, in turn, combining these with other campaigns in the other part of our reality, virtual. But we leave that for the next entry. ;)



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