FESTINA GROUP: Lenticular mural 8x5m

.The decoration with lenticular panels for the FESTINA GROUP store in the Nevada Shopping Center in Granada (Spain) has been a success. The project is based on the creation of 26 lenticular panels distributed in 2 shop windows.

The main entrance shows 5 lenticular panels with 3D effect incorporated to the furniture of the entrance window of the store. The panels have been glued to the bottom of the display cases so that the 3D effect can be visualized when entering the store. The 3D effect has been combined with some motion effect elements.

The side shop window is decorated in its entirety with a spectacular mural of 21 lenticular panels with 3D effect that also contain some elements in rotation. The structure is mounted on 7 panels wide and 3 panels high. The mural has been carefully registered to match the different gears that occupy more than one lenticular panel. Also, it has been necessary to cut part of the panels to incorporate the showcases that are fully integrated into the mural. For better information, details of the finishes are shown in the video.

For the realization of the final arts of the project has worked with files facilitated by FESTINA GROUP to create a grid of clock gears that overlap each other using lenticular technology to create the 3D effect.