FITUR: Lenticular multipanels

FITUR: Lenticular panels Malaga City Council Stand.

Decoration of the Stand of the City Council of Malaga with 6 lenticular multipanels. Each lenticular multipanel is composed of 2 panels that show a complete flip effect. Digital printing in 12 inks HR. Multipanel size: 200 x 210 cm. (width x height).

The production of multipanels requires a high level of quality in printing and handling. On this occasion, there are 6 flipped images of different locations at Málaga city that become artistic paintings in order to make a nod to Picasso's graphic work.

The result of this work is spectacular and produced a great visual effect on the visitors of this fair. Lenticular effects are decoration elements with a lot of visual impact and are considered as special pieces for the organization of events.