FESTINA GROUP: Lenticular mural 8x5m

.The decoration with lenticular panels for the FESTINA GROUP store in the Nevada

Hyundai Tucson: Windows with lenticular

Lenticular campaign to promote the new car Hyundai Tucson. Hyundai has r

Nike Flash Pack: Lenticular displays

The new collection Nike Flash Pack has promoted its products with lenticula

Nespresso: Lenticular displays

Lenticular displays with different Nespresso images from the campaign 

Nike Flash Pack: Evasion shops displays

There is a special space for Nike Flash Pack promotion in Evasion shops. The pro

ITANA clothes store at La Palma

The design and interior decoration was thought to produce lenticular panels from

CR7 Nike

Nike Showcase in Madrid's Gran Via, decorated with a lenticular panel, 3D Le

Lenticular Aquarium - LoroParque

Loroparque lenticular Aquarium is one of the most spectacular works of 3D Lentic

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