Restaurant Decoration at London

This project is really distinctive. It is the decoration of walls and cabinets a

CocaCola Zero

Flyer for direct marketing campaign to promote Coca-Cola Zero. The campaign c


Exhibitors and cards that shows the effect caused by RayBan glasses while used.

Man Magazine

The depth effect we see in the images with 3D effect depends on the quality of t

Five Gums

Lenticular Announcement of the new Five Gums. The effect is a Changing images

Absolut Vodka

Absolut Vodka campaign is one of the last works done by 3D Lenticular Factory.

Absolut Vodka

The campaign was prepared for the production of this lenticular card is based on

Acoxxel lenticular notebook

The notebooks with lenticular covers and / or back covers are a very interesting

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