The notebook with lenticular cover is a desktop object that is very suitable for promotion campaigns for pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

The effect that shows a lenticular cover to transmit messages to the recipient such as before and after a product, etc.. These covers allow you to apply any lenticular effect.

The notebooks produced by 3dlenticularfactory are fully customizable, both for an esthetic reasons and to adapt its characteristics to the client's budget and it can be customized within any of its parts as shown as follows:

Binding Type: Spiral or wire-o
Size notebook.
Front and back covers.
Inside front and back covers.
Inide Sheets (gut): patterned, blocky, black, with the logo of the client, an ink or printed in various inks, etc..

One of the most used applications in the pharmaceutical sector responds to the reference "Pocket notebook" is a lenticular notebook that has the usual measures of any medical gown pocket.