Acoxxel: A customized lenticular notebook

Acoxxel: A customized lenticular notebook

One of the products more defendants for promoting products pharmaceutical are the notebooks, in this case, notebooks with lenticular cover.

At this time the agency contacted us as it had a specific budget assigned to the campaign of the pharmaceutical promotion of Acoxxel. It is a drug for preventing chronic musculoskeletal pain.

The campaign was based on the slogan "One step forward " and it was supported with a graph transmitting the effect of two finger gesture stepping forward. On one hand, the gesture was very significant and according to the slogan but also showed the concept of moving the fingers, one of the impediments caused by rheumatic pains.

The idea was clear and thet was looking for a way to show it through a movement on a lenticular cover. The main aspect of the campaign was precisely the lenticular effect, so in this time, the characteristics of the notebook were adapted to the "budget" of the customer.

For this case, it was reduced the measure fell notebook and the amount of inner leaves. In order to cut costs of machine working it was also produced a back cover in lenticular material, but without effect. The notebook finished very harmonized precisely for the detail of having lenticular front and back.

The inside of the lenticular cover is 4-color printed and provides data and information on the product Acoxxel. The gut of the notebook counts with 50 sheets of 80 g. printed with pantone on both sides and also contains four sheets with technical especifications of the product.

The final aspect of the notebook was bound with white wire-o and rounded corners at the outer corners thereof. It was also served in shrink packages of 25 units and packaged in boxes labeled with the references provided by the client.

The result was a notebook with lenticular cover with a very comfortable size and very useful for the target of the campaign. The client was delighted with the result.



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