Pharmaceutical Marketing: New options on the Point-of-sale

Pharmaceutical Marketing: New options on the Point-of-sale

The pharmaceutical establishment concept is changing and adapting to new times.

Currently one of the actions that are encouraging in apothekes is precisely the application of new spaces and recommendations to take advantage of Point-of-sale spaces (PLV), which is the office of pharmacy itself.

The truth is that the decor pharmacies currently offers many possibilities to advertise or promote product sales no prescription, OTC or Pharmacy .

The large storefront and windows allow the instalation of advertising vinyls or customized that can cover all or part of the visible surface. In indoor, especially in soils can be incorporated such innovative products as vinyl floor with 3D effect (depth). The linear of the shelves allow to be decorated with PLV applications printed both digital and offset or even lenticular.

You can also decorate the walls with 3D panels, creating waiting areas for children to play while parents make the purchase. You can even show the benefits of a product or a specific offer by displays on different desks or locations near the cash register.

In short, the skill is to offer a world of services to the custumers and, at the same time, changing the space into a visible location for advertising and promotion of products.

Lenticular 3D Factory has already collaborated with clients to produce highly customized elements, for example, flyers of a particular product customized with name of the apotheke. This type of action is often very effective because it generates benerificts both to the pharmacy as tthe laboratory or advertiser of the product.

Lenticular 3D Factory has worked with advertising agencies and promotion to make campaigns elements that complement the decor and usefulness of apothekes. We are familiar with this environment and used to adapt to the needs of customers.

If you want to expand and increase the visibility of your pharmaceutical establishment and need advice and help, do not hesitate to contact us.



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