Diptychs/ Triptychs

Diptychs/ Triptychs

The lenticular diptychs and triptychs can be made for different promotional applications, from product launches to promote a product in the internal meetings of presentation.

Lenticular diptych formats are fully customizable but, in particular, in the pharmaceutical sector is common to use the following measures: DINA4 closed closed dinA5, 15x15 cm. and American format.

Also, you can also ask the application of a lenticular image partially occupying the diptych, helping to convey the idea in question but decreasing costs. It is sometimes preferred glue or paste this image to leaflet but there have been cases where a point of silicone has been used to hold the lenticular application so that lenticular image acquires a new use.

3D Lenticular Factory manufacture images from ONE PIECE and, needless to say, that this is an advantage to consider as to campaign with this type of finish is not necessary to consider minimum and also can be customized and production segment in response to promotional criteria exclusively: different targets, different languages, different packaging and branding, etc..