Inside Decoration

Inside Decoration

The decoration of both inside and outside is extremely important for an establishment. The outside decoration expresses and identifies the type of trade involved and interior decoration confirms that personality. From food establishments to the most exclusive accessories stores, through showrooms and other decorations, it is imperative that character transmitted to the client.

The interior decoration has been gaining trend in recent times as well as her personality permeate the space is intended to surprise the visitors. Surprise sometimes is given by the mere fact of being in sales but often the decoration itself is responsible for you to see one or another type of visitor.

The lenticular panels are perfectly suited for this purpose because while decorating convey something to the viewer interacts visually. Playing with creativity and lenticular effects can be obtained surprising and totally innovative results.

3D Lenticular Factory has collaborated with different projects each more impressive, with attention to every detail in the assembly. It is created to transmit more than cover murals or panels. We have examples with ITANA shop at La Palma, the room that simulates an aquarium in Loro Parque, the decoration in the London Charing Cross Restaurant and many more ...