The perfect combination: Lenticular Covers, Packaging & engagement

The perfect combination: Lenticular Covers, Packaging & engagement

Since the late nineteenth century people like Eadweard Muybridge experimented with moving images.

Muybridge's hand came zoopraxicopio that consisted in projecting images placed on rotating glass disks in rapid succession to give the impression of movement. In the first projector the images were painted by hand, in the second drawing drawings hand-colored photographs were used. Known throughout the world is your image of galloping horse.

And what better way to promote a new film product to emulate this effect?

That must have thought the producers of the British-American series "Outlander" that for the cover of the first season DVDs decided to use lenticular printing by showing a moving image that reveals the double life of its protagonist, the two universes in which they live and the two loves from which it is debated.

Lenticular is a format that has the possibility of having a creative lot with very little, to create a visual impact on your customers swiftly shared the images on the cover of your favorite series on social networks, which have achieved important effect engagement with its community through this format.

The truth is that the lenticular in all its forms has been used in the packaging of many films. As SawBatmanTerminator 2PredatorStar Wars or The Hobbit among others.

And that's because this format invites to the imagination and fantasy, it gives the possibility to create multiple creative spaces, with visual storytelling, creating extraordinary effects that simulate the FX movies, adds elements that fascinate the final consumer makes fall in love even more of your favorite movie or series thus making collector's item, because, movie lovers delight not only a film but with all the merchandising that it adds value to the film.

We have a good collection of films and covers. Yes we recognize, we are moviegoers And you?


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