3D Lenticular Factory offers you the possibility to carry out advertising campaigns with an innovative and interactive effect.

The 3D effect known as 3D effect with glasses, you will see an image in three dimensions with two-colored glasses.

The product will be raised and will cause an immediate interest in receiving the promotion or advertising.

3D Lenticular Factory makes ​​products for promotion campaigns and advertising using the technique of 3D anaglif, in addition to the image anaglif dealt with the possibility of custom-color glasses.

The application of the effect anaglífico is viable for any type of printed product, especially, catalogs, posters, organizing events with different images in which the recipients of these need glasses to see the 3d effect, etc.

The rest is a matter of imagination. See in this section an example of work done.

Remember that to see the 3d effect it is necessary to use two-color glasses in the proper position which is indicated in the comments of each image and obeys the needs of each client.

If you do not have glasses to see the effect bicolor anaglif contact us with our sales department.