Lenticular Cinemagraph

Lenticular Cinemagraph

Picture:  Diego Vivanco

The Cinemagraph effect is spreading rapidly within the marketing and advertising on-line. In fact, there are applications that can generate such images for publishing on-line or to view on screens but ... Did you know that you can produce the Cinemagraph effect into lenticular applications for marketing and advertising campaigns?

This new concept can be transferred to lenticular technology with the advantage that the lenticular image is interactive so, the lenticular Cinemagraph needs the observer to move in front of the lenticular image or move in his hands to see the effect. Additionally, you can add the Real 3D effect that will give more realism to your Cinemagraph effect!

So you can move your on-line dessigns into a supports as well known as the Oppis, flyers and any other lenticular application. We invite you to visit our products section so you can get the idea of ​​how the Cinemagraf lenticular effect could be seen.

And if you do not have the graphics ready, you can ask to us to prepare the artwork so that can apply them to lenticular products for you to make your promotion or advertising campaign.

Contact us to see if you have suitable artworks. To create lenticular Cinemagraf, we normally use a video or an image sequence recorded with camera on a tripod but, sometimes, we can also adapt your final artwork with some retouching to create the cinemagraf effect.